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(((Custom Size Solid Copper Call, What’s App On? +27781701667)))

Регион: Каракол
Продавец: Физическое лицо
Цена: не указана
Телефон: отсутствует
Weighty and wonderful in pure, solid copper, this bold and hefty necklace is a statement piece made with our chunkiest chain style. Each link of the extra heavy duty copper curb chain measures over half an inch (15mm) long and nearly half an inch (12mm) wide. It comes with a heavy-duty clasp and hefty jump-ring ends. The rounded oval links have a smooth flat top that catches the light to show off its pure copper lustre. Want a length that's not on the list - just let us know. Call, What’s App On? +27781701667

Email: - coppergoldmetal2020@gmail.com

YouTube: - https://youtu.be/5JDdOgHsEHk

Website: - https://baabamukasa1.wixsite.com/coppermetal
Добавлено: 27 Октября 2021
Поднято: 27 Октября 2021
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