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Manufacturer Supply High Purity Food Grade Cas 98-86-2 Acetophenone seller from China

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Продавец: Wei Zhang
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China Flavor Manufacturer Supply High Purity Food Grade Cas 98-86-2 Acetophenone seller from China
Are you looking for Acetophenone ?
We are the biggest Acetophenone Manufacturer supplier in China.We can provide high purity Acetophenone

with best price and fast delivery.We also can ship product through special line,guarantee delivery without

clearance problem.
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Qingdao Cemo Technology Develop Co., Ltd.
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BEIJING: China's government on Wednesday (Mar 16) lambasted Taiwan's humanitarian aid for Ukraine

and sanctions on Russia as "taking advantage of other's difficulties" after the island announced it was sending

more funds donated by the public for refugees.
Acetophenone Basic information
General description Preparation of acetophenone Characterization of acetophenone production via acylation

reaction of Friedel-Craffs Content Analysis Chemical Properties Uses Production method
Product Name: Acetophenone


1X1ML, CH2CL2, 2000UG/ML
CAS: 98-86-2
MW: 120.15
EINECS: 202-708-7
Acetophenone, also known as acetophenone, boiling point (°C): 202.3, relative density (water=1): 1.03

(20°C), relative vapor density (air=1): 4.14, is the simplest aromatic ketone, among which aromatic ketone The

nucleus (benzene ring) is directly attached to the carbonyl group. It exists in the essential oils of some plants in a

free state. Pure product is colorless crystal. Commercially available products are mostly light yellow oily liquid.

Has a hawthorn-like aroma. It is slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in various organic solvents, and can be

volatilized with steam.
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