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Chinese Manufacturer Acetophenone price CAS 98-86-2 supply.

Регион: Кара-Балта
Продавец: guanlang
Цена: 10 сом / $ 0
Телефон: отсутствует
Please contact me:
WhatsApp: +8619930509591
Wickr Me: galyzhang
Email: galy@crovellbio.com

Acetophenone CAS 98-86-2 is a colorless liquid. Acetophenone is one of the simplest aromatic ketones that can be used to formulate fragrances and make soaps.The packaging is 25kg, 200kg plastic drums. Acetophenone CAS 98-86-2 is our company's advantage product, large inventory, can be arranged for delivery at any time. If you want to buy high quality and high purity Acetophenone CAS 98-86-2, Qingdao CEMO Technology Develop Co., Ltd. (https://cemo.en.alibaba.com/) will be your best choice. We can offer you the most competitive price. If you are interested in Acetophenone CAS 98-86-2, please feel free to contact me.
At the same time we also supply the following products:
Acetophenone CAS 98-86-2
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4-Methylbenzophenone CAS 134-84-9
Octabenzone CAS 1843-05-6
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3-Iodobenzylamine hydrochloride CAS 3718-88-5
N-Methylethylamine hydrochloride CAS 624-60-2
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Valerophenone(1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) CAS 1009-14-9 
Tetramisole hydrochloride CAS 5086-74-8 
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Methylformamide CAS 123-39-7 N -
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