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Hot Selling BU-300/BU-600

Регион: Узген
Продавец: Физическое лицо
Цена: 8 сом / $ 0
Телефон: отсутствует
My Whatsapp:+86 15732105882
We are a strong manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and reagents.
Mainly engaged in steroids, PEPTIDE, MT2, HGH, finished tablets and oils,bodybuilding, slimming, etc. With stable product performance,
advanced technology, fast delivery, and safe and convenient logistics.
And continuous scientific research and innovation, can meet more needs of customers.
We will be your best partner, and our mutually beneficial cooperation will allow each other to gain more market and profits.
Please contact us for product catalog and price.
Добавлено: 17 Июня 2022
Поднято: 17 Июня 2022
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